How do I stay connected to hear about the latest news and updates from The Longshort Report?

We will be in touch, and provide updates on the latest content we are offering.  In addition we will be reaching out if we get some intel on a specific match up or game we want to share with the community.  

How will I be notified when the picks are ready to look at?

With in the app, we have notifications set up that will light up on your phone to alert you when the picks will be available.  This notification will be based on what you picks and membership  you have purchased.  

Where and how frequent is my Ultra Premium Content?

As an Ultra Premium Member you will receive your picks and parlays each day we provide through your member log in on the app and/or website.  In addition you will also receive our weekly report here as well. 

How can I access the Weekly Report?

The Weekly Report which is sent to Premium and Ultra Premium Members every Wednesday by 5 PM EST, will be delivered in your member log on the app or website once a week.  

How can i access the daily picks?

The daily picks will be sent to you within the app and website everday you are eligible to receive.  For example,  if you are not an Ultra Premium member and you pay for the Daily Pick, the picks will be in your member app/website log in for you that day once you purchase.  

Do you offer a no strings attached trial?

We have created a 1 day daily pick option that both our Premium Members and our new subscribers like to use.  This gives them the option to make a play on a specific day to either test us out with no subscription, or they really like our angle on this given day or all of the above.  

What do you get with the Premium Membership?

The Premium Membership consists of recieving our famous (and franlkly what we are known for) weekly report every Wednesday by 5 PM EST, like clock work!  We spend a lot of time creating an knowledge and entertaining report that has all the weeks best match ups, main events, and long shots that not many are talking about!  This ia  cross sport, deep and multi analysis, full end of week to weekend report that provides content that can not be found anywhere else.  To take advantage of the sports books we go with the live odds and matchups on that Wednesday for weekend plays that have epic payouts when we hit. 

Do you have a customer support team?

YES we do!  Simply reach out to by submitting a contact us request in the app, and your customer support ticket will be created.  We will be back to you as soon as we can to answer your questions and take care of your needs.  For anything please reach out to [email protected].

What is the difference between the Premium and the Ultra Premium report?

So we get this question a lot.   We created our Ultra Premium Membership after our Premium Members were asking for a discount on the paying for both the Daily picks and the Weekly Report.  So we combined the two - so the ULTRA PREMIUM receives the Daily Pick Product and in addition gets the weekly report every Wednesday.  With the Ultra Premium you get great information!